EFA studio di architettura

of Italy

Arketipo's event at SAIE

Bologna, Emilia Romagna, Italy - October 19, 2022

An event dedicated to praising our country's architectural and design excellence, with a focus on "doing" as it is in the DNA of Arketipo magazine.
The meeting organized by Arketipo will delve into the quality of the project and all the actors involved in it such as designers, architects and engineering firms, construction companies but also clients.

Event closely aligned with the latest issue published by the magazine dedicated to the excellence of our country. Excellence is achieved only through the complete harmony of all the protagonists, thanks to integrated planning, a communion of purpose, a coherent vision with clear objectives and perfect process control. Eight projects are investigated, starting from the first design choices, the paths taken, the construction phases to the final realization.
Manufacturing and technological excellence, materials and systems with high added value, and advanced construction techniques are recounted through in-depth articles, interviews, and articles on the case histories in which the companies distinguished themselves for their ability to solve different project requirements.

Inside the issue is an article by EFA, with an introduction by Federico Bucci, dedicated to the Chiesi Citadel, with a focus on the Research Center, Headquarters and Service Building.