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About the City and the World

Parma, Emilia-Romagna Italy - 25 November 2018


The city never stops expanding, both geographically and through increasing multiculturalism. In a historical era such as ours, it is crucial both to reinforce the sense of community and to mend the fabric between the world and the city, and also to improve ourselves not only as citizens of a small reality but above all as citizens of the world.

Global awareness means recognising and appreciating the grandeur, complexity and diversity of the world as a whole. TEDxParma was created to share ideas that are fundamental both for understanding the reality in which we live and for providing new stimuli that induce social growth.


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7 international speakers

Beloved Mercury

Andreina Garella

Ciro Gardi

Emilio Faroldi

Fabio Ferrari
Entrepreneur and Data Scientist

Federico Nicoletta

Giuseppe Lauria Pinter