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Cremona city hub




Public space, landscape.

7 notes for Cremona.
Urban redevelopment of the former Annonaria area.
International ideas competition in one phase with pre-selection - 1st classified project

The urban redevelopment programme of the former Annonaria area, promoted by the Administration of Cremona through an international competition and the consequent Integrated Intervention Programme called Cremona City Hub, is proposed as a tool through which to activate a process of urban redevelopment and environmental enhancement of a strategic area, pursuing the logic of a compact and socially sustainable city, with the intention of producing a unitary design in continuity with the structure of the historic city.

The Cremona City Hub is an opportunity to pursue a narrative that questions history, the comparison with the beauty of places, the concept of environmental quality and the close connection between urban and architectural design, an opportunity to practice the present by enhancing the past.

The founding elements of the project are identified in a unitary design in continuity with the historical framework of the city of Cremona, organised in a flexible way by clusters, interconnected according to the changing financial needs and diversified urban transformation objectives; an incremental design method, which makes it possible to organise the functional spaces within the overall framework according to a consequential logic, organising the eventual realisation according to three main phases, each of which guarantees its own economic and functional independence while remaining firmly connected to the previous and subsequent phases; a spatial organisation articulated in four distinct urban compartments, in continuity with each other thanks to the adoption of a compact plot and through the presence of an important dynamic public space that welcomes and relates the different scales of the project.


Pietro Chierici

Dario Cea

Jacobs Italia 


Emilio Faroldi
Scientific advice on urban, architectural and technological design

Maria Pilar Vettori
Strategies and systematisation of urban planning tools applied to spatial governance projects

Isotta Cortesi
Enhancement of the landscape, collective green spaces and public spaces

Francesca Cipullo
Urban design, promotion and enhancement of the territory

Giorgio Milani
Artistic enhancement of public space

Andrea Roscini
Urban and architectural design

Francesca Pesci
Urban and architectural design

Laura Piazza
Urban and architectural design

Andrea Balestreri
Operational contact person

Municipality of Cremona - Arch. Marco Masserdotti