EFA studio di architettura

Masters of Architecture

Emilio Faroldi Associates

Emilio Faroldi, Maria Pilar Vettori

"The mutation of the practice of building has brought inevitable transformations to its theorisation in relation to the structure of knowledge, to the roles of competences, to the new professionalism required by the productive and socio-cultural system. The architect/designer today cannot ignore the fact that doing architecture does not end, through an implosive logic, in the action of designing, since he is called to confront new declinations of the cognitive act that the project itself implies. Architecture has always been an opportunity for change, sometimes responding to the logic of trends and sometimes, on the contrary, constituting an element of transformation interpreted as a strategic phenomenon. The richness and durability of a work of art do not depend on the quantity of the variables that compose it, which are in any case limited, but on the selection and composition of the elements that in their relationship have infinite possibilities of combination."