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and model

Experimental quarters for project constructability

Emilio Faroldi
Clup Bookshop

Metodo e Modello reports the results of the project activity carried out within the Laboratory of Construction of Architecture I of Professors Emilio Faroldi, Paolo Elli and Paola Pleba in the academic year 2000/2001. The educational objective of the Laboratory is to investigate the relationship between the technical-productive and linguistic-compositional dimensions, promoting the experimentation of design operations aimed at the knowledge and control of the system of relations that binds, in the process of configuration of architecture, the dimensional, typological-distributive, technical-constructive variables. In this logic, the teaching activity is aimed at identifying new interpretative keys of the disciplinary instruments of exegesis of the architectural project through the acquisition and application of the method and tools necessary for the development of the project in its dimension of constructive feasibility. The concept of constructability of the work constitutes the fulcrum of the design activity: the inseparability between research and design requires the parallel development, or strictly alternating phases, of investigation and project, developing the knowledge of construction techniques and systems, materials, their relationship with the cultural, socio-economic and environmental context. The didactic formulation of settlement, typological and technological hypotheses, capable of incorporating the spirit of the "experimental quarters" of modern matrix, aims at renewing and updating its purposes and tools, through a systemic, multi-scalar and multi-disciplinary design approach, in an attempt to provide new food for thought around the historical themes of architecture: residence as a function and construction technique as an element of knowledge for its feasibility.