EFA studio di architettura

and design

Technology declinations and comparisons

Emilio Faroldi (ed.)
Umberto Allemandi & C.

The cultural and productive transformations today place the discipline of architecture at the centre of a profound critical reconsideration, outlining new interpretative and operational models that reveal the need for a "technical rationality" capable of restoring centrality to the specifics of building, to its methods, languages and tools. The desire to stimulate a transdisciplinary reading of technology is intended both as a basis for a re-evaluation of the material meaning of construction, and as a reconfiguration of the cultural processes that constitute its foundations. Reflecting on the value that technical innovation can assume today within the architectural debate and the school means affirming its primary role in the definition of the architectural project, beyond a conception of it as an instrument of realisation, placing the conjugation between theory and project as the basis for overcoming the contradiction between the field of conception and the field of realisation within the practice of building. Essays by Alfonso Acocella, Gianni Bergadano, Roberto Bolici, Rossana Cardani Vergani, Flaviano Celaschi, Stefano Della Torre, Emilio Faroldi, Paolo Felli, Matteo Gambaro, Marco Molinari, Elena Mussinelli, Aldo Norsa, Andrea Poltronieri, Filippo Rampazzi, Elena Rosa, Fabrizio Schiaffonati, Maria Benedetta Spadolini, Alberto Sposito, Andrea Tartaglia, Umberto Vascelli Vallara, Massimo Venturi Ferriolo, Maria Pilar Vettori, apparatus edited by Francesca Cipullo.