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house of research

The house of research.
Chiesi Research Centre, Parma

Emilio Faroldi, Maria Pilar Vettori
Mondadori Electa

The new Chiesi Research Centre is one of the most important projects of 2011 in Parma. The complex, located near the motorway entrance, presides over the road to Colorno, and fixes a precise border point to the north of the city, in the area traditionally destined to house the first industries of the 1900s, beyond the station and the railway belt. This is the successful integration of two functions, previously assorted and located on the outskirts, the research laboratories and offices, of one of the most important research and production industries in the Italian pharmaceutical industry. The identification of a prominent and isolated position made it possible to establish a clear relationship with the complex industrial landscape, in which the building stands out with its own precise design identity, the result of the successful description and recomposition of functional relationships between the research areas and the administration parts. Having solved the decisive question of integration, it was thus possible to create an important corporate image: a corporate identity, which in architecture becomes a precise search for formal identity.